Masum and Najafi discuss the stages of implementation of the political agreement and the situation in Anbar

12/10/2014 22:28:00
BAGHDAD / NINA / h President Fuad Masum discussed on Sunday with his deputy, Osama Nujaifi the political and security situation in the country.

A statement by the media Office of Najafi said that Masum and Nujaifi discussed during the meeting, the subject of the political agreement, under which the new government was formed, and the stages of implementation, and the need to expedite the application of the government program.

They also discussed the issue of holding a meeting for the political leaders under the auspices of President Masum to discuss the challenges of the stage and the required measures to protect Iraq and its people, and activation of the meetings of the three presidencies, and give great momentum to the political process.

The statement noted that he discussed the mistakes of some militias, and the need for treatment and scrutiny so as terrorism can not benefit from illegal and irresponsible acts by these militias, in addition to discussing the situation in the province of Nineveh, and the need to build local police.

During the meeting they also discuss the security situation in Anbar and supporting efforts to address terrorist gangs through the development of arming the armed forces, in addition to discussing the subject of the National Guard and the efforts of law and order to prepare legislation to take in a range of application.

They also discussed the subject of detainees and the need to release the innocent, with a review of previous provisions, and to ensure the accuracy of the judgments and after effects whatsoever. / End

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