Sari: the government center and the region agreed to resolve the issue of Kirkuk’s oil export cuts

Group: political
Published on Saturday, 11 October 1 / Okrudolf 2014 11:39
Written by: Muhammad Saleem
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BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) – a student member of the parliamentary finance committee Faleh sarees, government center and the region to solve the issue of crashes Kirkuk oil exports, amounting to 500 000 barrels per day, to compensate for the decline in world oil prices.

The sari’s (IMN), said that “everyone knows a significant drop in world oil prices, and therefore must increase exports from the southern fields, solving the problem of Kirkuk fields, which did not issue them during the past seven months.”

He added that “We must put a radical political solution to resolve the issue of Kirkuk’s oil, and the agreement between the government center and the region, to compensate for the low-cost by increasing oil exports.”

He explained that “the 2014 budget was built on the oil price of 90 dollars per barrel, while now must calculate the price of a barrel to $ 80-85 in the 2015 budget in anticipation of any emergency in global oil prices.”

I pointed to oil prices on November 10 according to this site INVESTING for trading oil and metals 87-88 dollars per barrel, which indicates a significant drop in oil prices, which were $ 103 a few months ago.
From: Amarali, the Open: Charter Shafiq.


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