Central tends to activate cooperation with the world

10/12/2014 0:00

BAGHDAD Shokran Fatlawi
said Director General of Statistics and research at the Central Bank of Iraq that the central made ​​considerable progress in reforming the banking system through the provision of legislative environment suitable for the development of its business and make way for the launch of its services commensurate with the requirements of the market economy and the provision of banking services to investors Iraqis and foreigners, especially that the country’s future to activate the cooperation of the international banking to serve the requirements of development anticipated in the Iraqi economy, which is guaranteed by the government program of the new.
technical requirements and between Walid Idi Abdul Nabi, in his speech for the “morning” that create technical requirements help to practice his works and make payments and services its customers with ease as well as ordinances control commensurate with the regulatory standards of international and in accordance with the best practices used in the central banks of advanced accompanied keep him out of the money is clean and finding institutions chock him to provide services is fast and safe and sophisticated. payments system and said Idi that the banking system will see during the next developments in concrete at the organizational and operational relationships and cooperation of the international banking to serve the requirements of the development of the upcoming stressing quest central to the development of the payments system through the project of Payment retail and managing national distributor (National Switch) as well as seeking to revive the Centre for Banking Studies, pointing out that the central and since the year 2013 to prepare courses and training programs, workshops and lectures Chirfah and Finance , and administrative, economic, and information technology, and the development of language indicating that the number was (47) cycle and participation (1149), an employee of the employees of the central bank and the government and private banks. credit information and noted the Director-General of Statistics and Research at the Central Bank to the determination of the central activating system, the exchange of credit information, similar to neighboring countries, pointing to the formation of a working group for the experience of the Bank of Lebanon and the preparation of the necessary instructions to this effect, revealing a group of companies specialized advanced to the completion of this project was chosen as one for this purpose, referring to compel central banks approved the acquisition of the banking systems overall order to complete the calculations quickly and accurately and confidential. He noted obtaining more than 40 foreign banks and branches on this system leaving only government banks and some small private banks, which began studying the offers and contracted out, he said.



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