Sadr threatens to withdraw from the fighter Daash intervention in the event of the international coalition forces Brea


11-10-2014 01:51 AM
Threatened the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, yesterday (Friday), to withdraw from the war against al-‘Daash’ intervened in the case of the international coalition forces in Iraq, Brea, stressing Astaadadah to deliver the liberated areas from the grip of the organization to the army during the 15 days.
Sadr said in a press statement, received the ‘News Agency’ a copy of it, ‘We are ready gooey members sincerely do not Banoanam sectarian nor Banoanam of grown in the ranks of the Iraqi army to protect the holy places’, stressing that’ it is our duty to be a role of the military is an actor field in order to be a state the army and the state. ‘
He said, ‘More importantly, should the state borders and barricaded intelligence and work on the liberalization of Nineveh province, which still suffers from terrorism’, calling on the government to be ‘do not make American intervention and the alliance loophole for dismantling Iraq’.
He concluded chest statement saying: ‘Everybody should know that the presence of the invading forces and its military actions inside the territory of Iraq and its skies requires us not to intervene in the war’, adding, ‘but not to our involvement will be after the delivery of the free areas of the Iraqi army, which must take the reins ‘.
The ‘Peace Brigades’ Sadr’s played an important role of the Iraqi army was able to regain control over some areas in Iraq.
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