Prime Minister looking security situation in the province of Babylon


(Independent) .. Search Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Friday, with a delegation from the province of Babylon, headed by Chairman of the Board to maintain the security situation taking place in some areas of the province and enhance the security effort for the elimination of terrorist groups as well as ways to improve the rate of maintaining the service, economic and urban and the conditions of the displaced .

The delegation gave a detailed presentation on the situation in the province, especially with regard to the security aspect and the requirements of the local government and the provincial council.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of clear areas of North Babylon of terrorist groups and the cooperation of everyone to ward off sedition, which wants the enemies of Iraq ignited adding that the security forces and the Champions popular mobilization, clans and troops stationed in the battlefields, established during the past few days many of the victories that will not stop until the expulsion and crush these organizations the terror of the country.

Abbadi said the importance of providing the Provincial Council with the local government services to citizens in Babylon as the federal government is willing to cooperate and overcome all that would serve and contribute to the provision of a decent livelihood and services to the citizen in Babylon and all the provinces. (End)

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