Parliamentary Security: the formation of Sunni power in the western provinces will accelerate the editing of Daash

11:53: 10.10.2014

Khandan -ali Naji shown for security and defense committee parliamentary forces that shape of the Sunni component in the provinces (Nineveh, Salahaddin, Anbar) will accelerate liberated from the control of the organization “Daash” because of the support of the people of the provinces to those forces. said Vice Chairman of the Committee Deputy Hajuan Abdullah said in a statement for “Khandan” he “whenever the fastest formation of these forces will reflect positively on the expulsion of Daash quickly, because these troops sympathize with the people of the provinces, especially as it’s a problem of their children, thus there will be signs of an uprising against this terrorist organization.” He Abdullah to be “The formation of these forces should be in the three provinces of Nineveh, Salahuddin and Anbar, and not in the safe areas that fall under the control of the Peshmerga forces,” noting “the lack of fear among Kurdish component of the formation of Sunni forces to fight Daash and expelled from the western provinces.”

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