Kurdish lawmaker: annexation of the Peshmerga forces with the army is an important point to be resolved

Published on Friday, 10 October 1 / Okrudolf 2014 09:53

BAGHDAD / Center
Brief for the Iraqi Media Network ( IMN ) –

Birwan sireniform said MP from the Kurdistan Alliance, to request annexation of the Peshmerga forces with troops still under negotiation with the government, and remained outstanding to this point now, despite a presence within the government program.

She sireniform’s ( IMN ), that “there is a visit to the Prime Minister of the region Nechirvan Barzani after the feast with some ministers of the region, including the Minister of Natural Resources and Planning and Finance, and five members of the negotiating team,

each member representing the party of the Kurdish parties, the main purpose of the discussion of the government program, including Peshmerga to join the Iraqi army and the oil revenues by source region and give the numbers that were lacking in the budget, after discussion in the Council of Ministers last week.

She said “there are negotiations with the Government of Abadi for the purpose of giving the Kurds and the Ministry of Finance and other than culture and Displacement and Migration, to achieve a portion of the balance between the political parties.

It is noteworthy that the term of the Peshmerga terms of the task and the sacred when the Kurdish people, as it launches on man who works selfless sacrificing his life for the freedom of his people and their rights, and that means “death-defying”.

It is one of the oldest armed groups in Iraq, where due to the militias arose in the nineties of the nineteenth century, which is administered by Kurdish tribes in northern Iraq.

The Peshmerga entered in an internal war among its members in the nineties of the twentieth century, ended after the two leaders held a reconciliation between the two presidents, Massoud Barzani and Jalal Talabani.


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