Jaafari: Iraq will not allow foreign troops or bases, and next week will be named ministers of Security

Friday, 10 October 1 / Okrudolf 2014 22:20


Said Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari that “Iraq will not allow the existence of military bases or foreign ground troops on its territory.”

He said al-Jaafari, in a press statement that “the international community expressed its support for Iraq in its war against Daash” adding that “Iraq is open to the world and we need to have good relations.”

And about the relationship between Iran and Iraq with the rest of the neighboring countries, said Iraqi Foreign Minister “must open the file relations with Tehran and neighboring countries and to address outstanding problems.”

He pointed out that “Baghdad has demanded the support of neighboring countries by virtue of the security situation,” stressing that “there is a difference between the demand and dependence.”

As for the lack of choice of ministers of interior and defense portfolios, explained al-Jaafari, “it will nominate candidates for the ministries of interior and defense during the next week.”

As for the reasons for the speed of the fall of cities such as Mosul before the invasion of organizing Daash, between al-Jaafari that “the internal problems in Iraq caused weakness in front of the cities” Daash. ”

He dealt with the Iraqi foreign minister to the Turkish position of the international campaign to counter organizing Daash, “pointing out that” Turkey’s understanding and a different strategy in the face of Daash “,” adding “not only against Turkey alignment with the international coalition against the organization.”

The incident touched the execution of hundreds of Iraqi soldiers at the hands of Daash at the military base in Salahuddin province, known as the “Spyker” stressing “We must stand firmly against any complacency in the investigation of the case” Ended


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