Faleh al-Khazali: There is an agreement on parliamentary approval of important laws and are keen on naming security minister soon

History of edits:: 10.10.2014

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} A member of the National Alliance MP Faleh al-Khazali saidthere was agreement on parliamentary approval of important laws, which meets the aspirations of the people, and ensuring the security minister named soon.

The MP said al-Khazali told {Euphrates News} that “among these important laws of the Federal Court that he had read the first reading, and the law of parties, and oil and gas law and the law of the Federal service who read also the first reading in addition to the thirty legally another, and we have the ministries of interior and defense which must be resolved commanded them. “

added al-Khazali, “when what has been agreed on what progress by the political blocs, these laws and my bag and the interior and defense ministries will be announced only to vote, and we desperately need and are very careful to label the security minister; so as not to be returned, we issue the administration by proxy” .

waiting for the House of Representatives a lot of business, but the most important approval and pass important laws which are Bmsas people’s lives, as well as naming the ministers of interior and defense, and the rest of the financial budget of the Federal public for the current year is the most important, although the financial year is nearing completion, with only two of them.

confirms Congress and the existence of an agreement within the corridors of Parliament on the importance of approving and pass laws, especially those that read the first reading. Ended FZE



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