Anbar on the verge of falling, however, and Altcfhirien US Marines are preparing for a military intervention B2300


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10/10/2014 13:17
Tomorrow’s Press / Baghdad confirmed Western reports, said Friday that the Anbar province, on the verge of falling, however Aldoaash a force of more than 40 thousand terrorist extremists of different nationalities, warning that the fall of the Heat and the control of the dam in the judiciary will strengthen the supply Altcfhirien toward Baghdad on the one hand and ” Kobanî “On the other hand, as pointed out that the forces of” rapid intervention of America “and a force of 2300 troops from the Marines currently deployed in Kuwait is preparing to intervene in Iraq during the coming period.
The news sites Western and Arab, on Friday, that “Iraq’s Anbar province on the verge of falling in the hands of Daash If you do not coordinate international efforts with Iraq, eliminate them, and according to these sites, the terrorists organization pat them control in the western regions of the province of Al-Anbar, but in some areas of modern, which is located the dam, which is one of the strategic locations defended by the Iraqi army and tribal forces in the region fiercely. ”
She noted some international reports that “if the seized organizing Daash of this province, the Iraqi strategy will constitute a major defeat for the international coalition, which led the United States against this organization, and will strengthen the line supplied in Syria, where he engaged in a fierce battle to capture the city Kobanî known as the eye Arabs also , and that the fall of Anbar Daash means that the terrorists will be close to the capital, Baghdad, especially since the Iraqi security forces and fighters of the popular crowd, who called for the religious authority in Najaf Dkhalo several battles and violent clashes in the northern outskirts of Baghdad and the western and southern. ”
The reports indicated that “the NRF 2300-strong American military that has spread from the Marines in Kuwait earlier this month is preparing to intervene in Iraq during the coming period to prevent the fall of Anbar province in the hands of the organization Daash.”
The reports quoted a security source as a senior Iraqi as saying that “military advisers Americans stationed in bases Habbaniyah and Ein al-Assad in Anbar province in western Iraq to create requirements for the deployment of the rapid intervention of America because of the security situation has become extremely dangerous in the province, which estimated the number of extremists in which more than forty thousand terrorist “.
It is noteworthy that the Iraqi security forces locked in fierce battles for more than four months against gangs Daash terrorist and some organizations, other militant and Qaibdthm big losses and managed to free several areas, especially after the aircraft entered the mother of 35 and Alsaikoa Service Iraqi army, and particularly after he threatened those totals Security and the economy together.


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