Dozens of Kurds are returning from Europe to fight in the Iraqi Kurdistan Daash

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Twilight News / Press reports indicated that dozens of young Kurds expatriates in European countries  Have returned to the province of Kurdistan and joined forces to fight the organization Alپeshmrگh “Daash” terrorist, stressing that they are responding to the appeal of the region’s president, Massoud Barzani.

altAccording to a report for “Elaph”, on Thursday, I followed “Twilight News” that dozens of Kurds have left their countries that hold European nationalities and returned to Kurdistan to participate in the fighting ranks Alپeshmrگh “Daash”, without fear of prosecution when they return.

This comes in return for revelations European coordinator for counter-terrorism, that about three thousand European enrolled b “Daash” which launched a major offensive on Iraq, on the ninth of last June.

The report added that most of the returnees from Europe are veterans Alپeshmrگh, answered a call to the region’s president, Massoud Barzani, who asked them to join the fighting fronts, while others are engaged in battles for the first time.

The report quoted   Sarhad Anwar Beck, a clan leader, saying proudly, “came our children from Europe to participate in this war, but wore military clothing and made ​​martyrs”, without specifying the number who have fallen in battle who hold European nationalities, adding it was “a great honor to their families in Europe.” .

He explained that led force consisting of an element of Alپeshmrگh 1500, of whom twenty fighters came from Europe.

It also underscores one of returnees and called Karwan, who is now a colonel in the ranks Alپeshmrگh, there are a lot of Kurds in Dusseldorf, all of whom are willing to come and participate in the fighting.

He pointed out that his cousins ​​came from European countries, like the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, with the exception of France, pointing out that they love France friendly Kurdistan, which provided weapons to the region and is involved in air strikes against “Daash.”

The French police have questioned in recent days, young Kurd family at the age of 18 years after his disappearance, especially since he had expressed his desire to go and fight against the jihadists.

The report pointed out that those who are in Iraq are giving their surnames and reveal their faces and show their passports without any fear of the problems that may encountered when they return to Europe, Their presence here is no secret, pointing out that   Karwan in constant contact with German diplomats in charge of relations between the Alپeshmrگh and the German army, which sent weapons and military trainers to Kurdistan.

The report said Nawzad a brother Karwan Contact Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, two days after his arrival in the province of Kurdistan, to teach them his presence in the forces Alپeshmrگh, indicating that the others do not look back to the issue of concern.

According to Azad, coming from the Netherlands, where studying to become a teacher: “I will stay here and I will be in the ranks of Alپeshmrگh forever.”

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