America supports the re-formation of the Iraqi security forces to weaken the «Daash»

President Barack Obama’s intention to intensify his efforts to weaken and undermine the so-called organized Daash in Syria and Iraq, pointing out that the international coalition led by the United States against al Daash making progress, despite the difficulty of the task approval.

The Obama stressed during a meeting with members of the National Security Council at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense «Pentagon» on the importance of supporting the Iraqi efforts in the restructuring of the security forces, including their plan to create a new structure for the National Guard to merge with elements of local security more effectively and fight Daash.

A statement issued by the White House after the meeting, said that the security team briefed Obama on the last NATO international contributions, including debates with key partners, to work on the integration of their abilities within a broader strategy to fight al Daash in Iraq and Syria.

And re-Obama emphasized that «the task is still difficult and can not solve the issue overnight», pointing out that the important thing is wide consensus, not only in the region but also between the countries of the world also, that the organization of the State in Iraq and the Levant constitutes a threat to stability and peace and security international.

The meeting comes with the progress of the organization Daash in some areas of Iraq and the escalation of fighting between the elements and Kurdish fighters in the eyes of the Arabs (Kobanî) Syrian border with Turkey, where Washington announced on Wednesday that the air strikes are not enough to save the city by conflicting news about the storm by its fighters, while said Marine Col. John Kirby, spokesman for the Pentagon during a press conference that «air strikes alone will not be able to do so, and will not solve the problem and save Kobanî», adding that this will not deter the coalition to continue to hit the sites of regulation.

Kirby explained that defeating the regulation requires the presence of «capable armies, such as the moderate Syrian opposition and the Iraqi army, but this requires some time», pointing out that they do not have at the moment is capable of volunteers and partner effectively on the ground inside Syria.

For his part, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey told a television «The so-called organized Daash enemy learns from his mistakes, and began fighters know how to maneuver and hiding among the population». He pointed out that the organization’s fighters «become more skilled in the use of electronic devices, and returned waving flags or traveling in convoys, as long as they were doing in the past, does not reside headquarters, can be seen and identified».

In addition, he said, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Thursday that the organization offers Daash militants in the town of Kobani on the Syrian-Turkish border are only a tragedy, but that will not deter the United States and its allies continue their strategy in the region in the long term.

Kerry said to reporters during his stay in the city of Boston, Massachusetts United States: «Kobanî tragedy because they embody evil Daash but it has nothing to do with the strategy of confronting militant group».

The «has not left us only a few weeks to build a coalition, and is still being distributed tasks, and the main objective of this effort is to allow Iraq to complete his cabinet and starts the counter-attack».

In the same context, said British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond «organizing Daash attack on Iraq represents another serious threat to the security of energy may have severe implications on the global energy markets and the prices we pay».

On the other hand, the United States Central Command said yesterday that the international coalition planes launched five air strikes near the town of Kobani, located on the Syrian border during the forty-eight hours, although controlled by Kurdish forces, apparently «most of the city and steadfast» fighters in the face of the terrorist organization Daash.

She added that the strikes carried out daily yesterday and the day before yesterday damaged training camp Daash and destroyed the building and two vehicles and hit a large unit, and the United Nations said that a few hundred of the population still in Kobanî is that Kurdish fighters assert that the fighting will end the massacre in the event of victory Daash granted militant fighters sites military on the border with Turkey.

For his part, said Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu Jawish born yesterday predicted that Turkey’s ground operation do solo across the border to save the Syrian town of Kobani organization Daash is unrealistic.

He said in a press conference with the Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Jens Stoltenberg «unrealistic that Turkey is waiting for a ground operation alone. We are in talks. Once you reach a joint decision will not hesitate to play its role in Turkey ».

On the other hand, sources revealed the follow-up to the war machine in the eye of the Arab fighters Daash terrorist organization in control of more than one-third of the town of Ain Arab after fighting continuously for three weeks with Kurdish forces, backed by air strikes led by the United States. The commander of the Kurdish city’s defenders that Daash controls a much smaller area.

For his part, explained the Syrian Observatory, which monitors civil war in Syria that Daash currently controls all areas east of the eye of Arabs and a small part of the north-east and in the south-east region.

He informed the commander of the militia forces in the Kurdish fighters Kobanî Daash seized about a quarter of the town in the east and battles going on in the streets, with a loud explosion was heard yesterday in the western side of Kobanî viewed and thick clouds of black smoke at the Turkish border, which lies a few kilometers.

He heard the sound of fighter at low altitude as possible to hear the sounds of gunshots in the besieged town.

The United Nations says that the town of Kobani strategy is no longer where only a few hundred of the population, but its defenders say that the battle will end if the massacre took organize Daash on the town.

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