A Ranger, SEAL, Delta Operator, Marine, Fighter Pilot & War College Grad Respond to ISIS’ Threats

The Army Threat Integration Center has announced a bone-chilling advisory about ISIS’s call to slaughter U.S. military families. According to Fox News:

The advisory warns military personnel and their families about the Islamic State, or ISIS, calling on supporters to target their homes.


One section cites a jihadist tweet calling on lone offenders to use the “yellow pages” and social media to identify the addresses of military families, and to “show up [at their homes] and slaughter them.” 

However, the twisted battle cry for killing the family members of service members is not intimidating the greatest fighting force in the world. IJReview had the opportunity to interview six American warriors about ISIS’ cowardly call for massacre, and here’s how they responded to the threat:

1. Daren Sorenson –  Former USAF Officer and F-15E Fighter Pilot who has been deployed seven times and served in both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Afghanistan

D Sorensen

Q: What was your initial reaction when you first heard the news about this ISIS threat?

“We have been fighting a terrorist threat for over a decade since 9/11. This is nothing new and this is not the first time a terrorist group has threatened to attack military members and their families inside the United States.


If such an attack did occur, their strategy is flawed because it would have the opposite effect of what they desire.  Such an attack would only galvanize the American people, awaken and engage the entire public and energize a level of patriotism not seen since 9/11 and possibly Pearl Harbor.  


This current generation of enemies has never actually seen a fully energized American war machine. Even after 9/11, the American public was told to “go back to work” and resume life as normal. Fully awakening the sleeping giant is not the desired effect ISIS wants to have to deal with.”

2. Jordan Charters – Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran and Former U.S. Marine who served in the Al Anbar Province in Iraq

Jordan Charters

Q: How should we respond to ISIS’s call to slaughter military families?

“ISIS should be completely eliminated. I’m all for unity and equality, but you cannot coexist with people who want to behead you because of your differing beliefs.We need to be more bold about standing up for our veterans and all the things they have sacrificed. And if ISIS is targeting military families, those families have every right to defend and protect themselves.


Ignoring these types of threats will only prolong the problem.  If we continue to fight terrorism with political correctness, we will potentially see more attacks on the homeland.  And if an ISIS terrorist tries to hurt my family, he’s going to be leaving this world a lot earlier than he expected.”

3. Jonathan Gilliam – Former Navy SEAL, FBI Special Agent and Federal Air Marshal


Q: What kind of steps should the Armed Forces take when threats like this our made?

“There has been a decline in force protection and awareness. If you’re serving in the Armed forces what you think on a social media is really not something that you should be outwardly broadcasting, unless you have been discharged.


Military members are soft targets, they are not hard to find. The Department of Defense should stop reacting and already have in place force protection standards. It should be known that if you intrude into a military member’s home, they have the right to use deadly force. If executives are not conscious of the lack of force protection, they are going to be reacting to every threat. And if they are already have a plan in place, all they have to do is respond.


Then, military members and their families will know how to respond to the threat and be prepared.


All you have to do is turn on the TV and realize that we are over in Iraq and Syria. And if ISIS is able to take over more border crossings and cities, more people will die. If they take Baghdad, just remember that the Ottoman Empire killed over a million Armenians, that’s the kind of ideas the Islamic Caliphate is trying to push forward. And if they come here, they won’t recognize you for your beliefs, believe like them or you will be killed.”

4. Kurt Schlichter – Desert Storm – Kosovo Veteran and War College Graduate who wrote “Conservative Insurgency”


Q: What do you think about the news when you heard it? How do we deal with groups like ISIS?

“ISIS is aggressive in its propaganda war (which is what this is) and this supports its intent of demonstrating we are powerless and at its mercy. By murdering American warriors and/or family members it demonstrates its power – and our weakness.


Kill them until they beg to surrender. That’s not a flippant answer. We are in a war. Disregard the academics and fools who think they understand warfare but don’t. You win wars by killing the enemy until he begs to surrender. Until you have broken your enemy, you will never have peace.”

5. Marty Skovlund Jr- Former Army Ranger and author of “Violence of Action: The Untold Stories of the 75th Ranger Regiment in The War On Terror”


Q: What do you think about the threat on military families. And being that you served as a Ranger, how do you feel about ISIS holding captive former Army Ranger Peter Kassig?

“I didn’t take much stock in what ISIS said. I’m not going to clutch my blanket. My Mom raised me to only fear God and that’s the way I am going to live my life. But at the same time I will keep my head on a swivel and always maintain situational awareness.


At some point you have to recognize that there is evil in the world. I don’t really care where in the world it’s happening, it shouldn’t stop. Despite all the reasons not to go there, I still would support a ground and air campaign. But only if there is a clear objective and an efficient economy of force. It’s a shame that we haven’t done it already.


As far as former U.S. Army Ranger Peter Kassig being held by ISIS, it’s terrible. You can’t help but think: what if I was in that situation? You can’t help but think about what his family is going through. To think that someone who I served with could have his head cut off and plastered all over the internet…


We have one of the most experienced and successful headhunting task-forces in the world. Between the Special Operations group we have it’s hard for me to believe that we don’t have the capability to find this guy.


Unfortunately, the leadership on this issue is poor. The hands off approach to national defense doesn’t work. We are America. We are the beacon of hope for the world. If we see a wrong happening in the world, we have a moral imperative to do something about it.”

6. Dale Comstock – Former Green Beret, Delta Force Operator and author of “American Badass


Q: What are your thoughts on this current threat and the issue of ISIS?

“It didn’t surprise me. It’s something that’s possible. A lot of us in the military have talked about this for years and years…we knew this could happen.

There are so many simple ways for terrorists to wreak havoc. You’ll eventually see IEDS in this country and ambushes. These kind of tactics will find their way here. Because terrorists don’t fight conventionally, they fight unconventionally. They won’t to face us man to man. They will attack our women and our kids.

I tell my wife, don’t answer the door without a gun in your hand. 


They need to safeguard soldiers’ families. Most bases are closed bases. But anyone really determined could get into a facility undetected. We could have soldiers pulling guard duty in these neighborhoods. 


I was very deep inside of Iraq when Desert Storm ended. There I was standing in the desert, shaking my head and I couldn’t believe it. I told my team we were going to be back to fight again, or our sons will.


We need to go in there and get the job done. ISIS doesn’t respect surgical strikes. They respect blunt trauma.  When you level an entire village, that’s what they understand. They only understand the language of force.  Don’t punch them in the nose, go in there with a baseball bat and take their head off with one swing.


They feel like we are not going to do anything to them. They are laughing at us. Go in there and crush them. We are the most efficient fighting force in the world. These guys fear us when we are on the ground. Show no mercy.  Show them when you push our buttons, we are going to do some serious damage.”

These six warriors just revealed the rude awakening the Islamic State is in for if they continue their campaign of terror. Clearly, ISIS is picking a fight with the wrong nation.


One thought on “A Ranger, SEAL, Delta Operator, Marine, Fighter Pilot & War College Grad Respond to ISIS’ Threats

  1. “Kill them until they beg to surrender. That’s not a flippant answer. We are in a war. Disregard the academics and fools who think they understand warfare but don’t. You win wars by killing the enemy until he begs to surrender. Until you have broken your enemy, you will never have peace.”


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