Security “Baghdadi” attack kills more than 80 Daashaa .

submitted by Blue-

Wednesday, Oct. 08 1 / Okrudolf 2014

Twilight News / early detection, a security source in Anbar, Wednesday, killed more than 80 of the terrorist organization “Daash” in the attack on al-Baghdadi Regiment emergency Walker for terrorists in one of the villages.

The source said “Twilight News”, said a joint force of the regiment emergency Baghdadi police Baghdadi attacked the nest to organize “Daash” terrorist in the village of Jabriyah affiliated to the area of the cupboard in Anbar province, noting that the attack resulted in the deaths of more than 80 terrorist elements of the organization, according to the commander Emergency Regiment Colonel Shaaban Barzan al-Baghdadi al-Obeidi.

And locked security forces in cooperation with the Army Aviation and Air Force and the support of the international airline alliance, fighting ongoing in order to cleanse the areas controlled by terrorists, “Daash” in Anbar province.—qq—-80–.html&usg=ALkJrhgyr2sRHTeMCdgawst91n273DZheQ


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