Projects exist only on paper. Where did the billions of dollars?

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08-10-2014 11:00 PM 08-10-2014 11:00 PM

Days after the last Outs cover, for the hidden and hidden from the terrors and calamities, the heavy legacy left by the Maliki government, the facts and the evidence compelling, and in the words of chief executive officer in the Iraqi state, Mr. Prime Minister, that this recognition blatant in wasting money the state treasury, to go into the pockets of whales corruption, it’s a political scandal and tragedy all its meanings and its horrors and the appalling consequences, which is located on the drain on the ordinary citizen, to be a victim to pay the price, it’s a major tragedy for the new Iraq.

Not only that it was the era of al-Maliki, as the disintegration and dissolution of the military and security services, which were represented leaders of military, entitled cowardice and capitulation and betrayal, which encouraged from the results terrible, control organization Daash offender, in committing crimes and committing massacres against the soldiers and the population of innocent people, and the occupation of large swathes of Iraq …. and not only in the dissolution of the state and the disintegration of the institutions and facilities vital, in the division of political and sectarian apocalyptic, which left wounds and fingerprinted for reeling him in every corner of Iraq … and not in a policy of random and floundering and hybrid and parasitic, the lack of political vision mature and conscious and responsible, which created a machine for the production and creating problems and crises, conflicts and disputes the serious political, and that can lead Iraq into the unknown fate …. and not only in the lack of exercise, simpler values ​​and principles of democracy, political action, which veered to the practice of prostitution and political bartering, buying and selling positions political, and the protection of corrupt penalty of law ….. and not only in the lack of a sense of responsibility and duty to the national fair, to the people, and by providing basic public services, needed by the citizens, which increased the effects of the devastation uncle Iraq, and in all state facilities vital, but the greatest misfortune and the grossest of all these terrors that slaughtered Iraq from the vena cava.

Has said Mr. Haider Abadi, the Prime Minister, in his address to the leaders of the National Alliance.

Frankly speaking, that (I have not received any integrated project of the previous government, despite the passage of 8 years on the management of the state, but received projects on paper, does not have a presence on the ground, and billions of dollars) this is the enormity of the new Iraq, and here comes the question of the project , Where did these billions of dollars?!

Is it possible to reveal the details of the people and the parliament?!

Will there be a legal accounting, crime in wasting people’s money, in the projects exist only on paper, and do not have a presence on the ground?

Is it possible to recover billions of looted and stolen from the side of the people to the state treasury, and taken from the pockets of corrupt and balances, or it would close in forgotten files, due to the lack of sufficient evidence, efficiency, and writes them to save only !!!!!!

This tragedy and scandal, major, must exploration and search for them in every nook and reveal details, even to the ICON Iraq, the country of corruption and corrupt, pillaging, theft, extortion, fraud.


2 thoughts on “Projects exist only on paper. Where did the billions of dollars?

  1. Street wrote:

    Abadi is pissed.. They use Ernst & Young a global forensic accounting firm and they will find most of the monies.. especially since they will be given access to all the paper contracts & their books J This will defiantly clean out the crooks & unite the rest of them regardless if they are Soonie, Shiite or Kurdish
    ~ Street


  2. Loxy wrote:

    I can think of several reasons why it would be in Abadi’s better interest to hang Maliki out to dry:

    1.It would make the Kurds and Sunni’s more inclusive in the new GOI
    2.It would remove the split in the Dawa/SoL party – and get rid of Maliki’s meddling
    3.It would show the International Community that the new GOI is a country of laws – safer for investment
    4.It would hopefully recover as much of the public money as possible
    5.It would cement Abadi as a reformer and a restorer of Iraq

    I am sure the list can be added to, but those come right to mind. 🙂



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