Arab banking summit – an American in New York

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10/07/2014 21:14:00

Oman / Nina / Union of Arab Banks hold a summit Arab Banking Dialogue – American cooperation with international destinationson 14 and 15 October in New York about the current topic: correspondent banks and in the headquarters of the Bank of New York.

The Secretary-General of the Federation and Sam Fattouh that the summit is gaining importance through international attention and Arab, and broad participation, and the nature and importance of the issues at hand, indicating that it will see wide participation by decision makers banking and financial Arab Research in banking relationships Arab – American, especially in my sanctions and anti-money laundering , and explain their position and point of view of many of the issues and the files in question.

He Fattouh in a press statement issued by the Union, which Beirut-based today to post a number of officials at theInternational Monetary Fund and the Ministry of the Treasury, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Reserve Bank in the work of American Summit.

He pointed out that the summit will discuss the launch of a serious dialogue between the Arab banking sector and the banking sector American addresses important topics including the future of correspondent banks in the regulatory environment variable and the changing role of correspondent banks, and building relationships between Arab banks in the Arab world and its banks messaging in the United States within the program effectively to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. / End,ctr:countryIQ

2 thoughts on “Arab banking summit – an American in New York

  1. Paxx wrote:

    Great article. Never waste a good crises. They are using ISIL crises to hopefully move them into more sophisticated banking, which is what IMF and friends have always wanted. They need to be sure they can limit ISIL’s ability to gain finance and other similar organizations in the future. A more sophisticated banking system with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist funding capabilities can only be a positive for our investment and may in fact be a highlight in their discussion. This looks like more good info coming our way soon. The second part of this month is going to be full of great news I think.
    ~ Paxx


  2. Street wrote:
    I’m betting they are looking to shut down the funding to ISIS & Daash but to also find the 80 to 100 billion that Maliki and goons have stolen.. Nice timing, ~Street


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