Abadi, heralding the triumph of nearby terrorists

Date Published: Thursday, October 9th, 2014
Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi, that victory on the organizations and terrorist groups in the country will be deployed soon in the case of all Iraqis to unite in the face.

He stressed during a meeting with the governor of Salahuddin on the importance of the concerted efforts of the people of the province and the clans with the security forces and the crowd People’s Liberation province and the expulsion of these bands from all over the country ».

Park Abadi heroic steadfastness of the people and the families of the country and Dhuluiya and Dujail and the rest of the regions and the victories they have achieved on the gangs Daash and other terrorist groups », referring to« the unlimited support of the government forces stationed in the fight against these criminal gangs ».

For his part, Vice President Iyad Allawi agreed with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to strengthen the capacity of the Iraqi army.
Allawi said in his on «Twitter», «I met with British Foreign Secretary and agreed to strengthen the Iraqi army and the need to achieve national reconciliation to eliminate Daash» while the minister said British in his remarks after the meeting «agreed with Iraqi Vice President on the need for the international community to use all the tools available to our humanitarian, diplomatic and military defeat Daash».

(Baghdad – Union)



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