Abadi: There is a significant reduction on the ground to Daash

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Monday 06 October 2014 – 10:59

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Alebadiris Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Monday, and the presence of a significant reduction of the organization “Daash” on the ground, while noting that the war with the terrorist organization still exists. Ebadi said in a speech during his visit to camps for displaced people in Sadr City, according to “Alsumaria News”, “our armed forces have long been regained the lead,” he said, adding that it was “in the position it became the offensive.”
He added that “the influence of the terrorist organization Daash shrinking dramatically on the ground, thanks to the efforts of the security forces and the Iraqi Army Aviation and the international coalition,” pointing out that “the war with the organization is still ongoing, and will not end until the victory of the Iraqis to these terrorist organizations.”
He visited Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Sunday evening (October 5, 2014), orphanages and the elderly in Baghdad.
The Abadi said, in the October 3, 2014, that the outcome of the battle with the organization “Daash” going with confidence for the benefit of the Iraqi people, adding that “the promise of victory” began to loom on the horizon.
The Iraqi Prime Minister, re-displaced people to their areas of which they were displaced in the nearest time, while noting that the plan “Daash” have become clear for all through sowing the seeds of sedition among the Iraqi people.
He continued, saying, “We want to maintain the cohesion of this diversity between sects and religions, and do not accept the persecution of any minority in Iraq,” and stressed that “Iraq can not be edited without sacrifices and we must stand against these terrorist attack with all hardness.”



3 thoughts on “Abadi: There is a significant reduction on the ground to Daash

  1. Good news…
    and again..
    Abadi uses the opportunity to stress unity among the sects and
    to reiterate hs stance against any discrimination against minorities.

    Dude is consistant… and very righteous.

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