Barzani: We will support the federal government and we have a desire to address the problems through dialogue

نيجيرفان بارزاني : سندعم الحكومة الاتحادية ولدينا الرغبة في معالجة المشاكل عبر الحوار
Barzani: We will support the federal government and we have a desire to address the problems through dialogue

October 5, 2014 20:01

The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Barzani support the region and to participate in the federal government, again, “the desire of the region in dealing with all the problems with the center through dialogue and understanding.”

A statement by the provincial government announced today that “Barzani and Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region, received yesterday evening Liliana Blaomen Development Minister and trade cooperation outside the Netherlands and her accompanying delegation.”

“And she expressed Dutch pleased to visit the Kurdistan region, and talked at the same time for field visits to camps for displaced people in order to look closely at their situation, and expressed gratitude to the government of the Kurdistan region, and praised their efforts to alleviate the suffering of these people and help them, and renewed emphasis on continuing her country in the provision of humanitarian aid to the displaced in the Kurdistan region. “

For his part, highlighted Prime Zra Kurdistan region, according to the statement, “light on the situation of the displaced and the size of their suffering, especially with the imminent winter, and reiterated that the people and the Kurdistan Regional Government will spare no effort in providing what they can to help the displaced and refugees, but the huge numbers of displaced people and the scale of the crisis it was much more than the capacity of the Government of the region, so the Iraqi government and the international community to intervene better in this case and relief to the displaced and to help the Kurdistan region. “

The statement said that “Barzani expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Dutch government to help the region, calling for continuing to support the Kurdistan Region in terms of humanitarian assistance to the displaced and the military also in support of the Peshmerga forces, which responded to terrorism with honor.”

He continued, “The two sides traded the political process in Iraq, and stressed the need to form a government in Baghdad that includes all the components in the country and address the problems.”
In this regard, new Barzani that “the Kurdistan region will support and participate in the federal government, and has the desire to address all the problems through dialogue and understanding.”

For its part, commended the minister Dutch according to the statement on “position and strategy of the Kurdistan region, and highlighted the decision of the parliament and the country’s government to help the Kurdistan region, stressing that the Netherlands continues to support and assist the Kurdistan region, also expressed her happiness at the level of cooperation and coordination of humanitarian and military between the Kurdistan Regional Government and institutions and international agencies, which hurt service displaced persons and refugees better. “


3 thoughts on “Barzani: We will support the federal government and we have a desire to address the problems through dialogue

    • A coalition of strong: we’re giving absolute freedom to Al-Abbadi to choose the Minister of Defense and internal problem

      Monday, 06 October 2014

      Twilight news/Iraqi forces, the coalition said Monday that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, granted freedom to choose the profile that it deems appropriate to the post of Defense Minister, as he disclosed that discussions indicated that Al-Abbadi will be called the defense and Interior Ministers after Eid.

      A member of the Coalition for “Danielle Thunder twilight news, that” coalition forces did not have any problem with the candidates of the Ministry of defence, it is presented a list of candidates and caused another list, and grant Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi is free to choose the profile that he deems qualified to take over the Ministry, the Union will support any candidate chosen by Abadi “.

      Danielle explained that the “problem is still confined to the National Alliance, which until now did not agree on a candidate for the Interior Ministry.”

      Spin and deep differences within the National Alliance on the nomination of former Transport Minister and head of the Badr organization, Hadi al-Ameri of the Interior Minister, along with strong Sunni opposition to his candidacy for the position as leading an armed militia.


  1. Saturday and is likely to attend the Minister Kurds

    Monday, 06 October

    The Minister of Science and Technology, said on Monday that the Council of Ministers held an emergency meeting next Saturday.
    And between Knight Jeju told all of Iraq [where] that “some ministers felt to be a Council of Ministers meeting next Saturday ie after the holiday of Eid al-Adha, in order to travel some of them out of the country, adding that he” told us to be emergency meeting on Saturday of next week. ”
    He explained that he “will be through the agenda of the meeting claim with data for the new fiscal budget.”
    He guessed Jeju Minister Kurds to attend the emergency meeting to be held next Saturday.
    Some media published news of the Cabinet meeting held on Thursday after a holiday Eid al-Adha Ended 2


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