$1,000.00 note confirmed…?

New $1,000.00 note

Not sure what to think about this? Comments anyone?

$1,000.00 new note

Iraq new 1,000-dinar

Oct 05, 2014 10:53 AM Category: Middle East

1,000 dinars, (2013/AH1435). Like CBI B49, but new date, smaller signature, and three intaglio circles at upper left front for the sight impaired.

This is the first confirmed denomination in a revised family reported back in April 2014.

Courtesy of Jürg Rindlisbacher and Sejin Ahn.



11 thoughts on “$1,000.00 note confirmed…?

  1. Ralph.. I just sent you the pic…. get it posted, bro.

    Asssesor noticed:

    The signature on the note is the same as the new 10,000 note…

    The 3 languages maybe in the centre part? ~ Assessor


  2. just for you doubters… banknote news gives a first announcement of a new note coming then they confirm that the new note is in circulation! and if you went to the link they show you the new note! notice the 3 raised OOO on the note to help the vision impaired!
    ~ 2collectg


  3. Hey guys, only thing that confused me about this note is it says those 3 circles on the upper left are raised for the sight impaired…..so that note to a blind person is only worth 000… wheres the 1?


  4. I think I bought several of these, about 2 years ago, I will go and get one out today, and check it, I remember one thing I did notice, is it was the same size as the other lower denoms, because I thought it would be easier to put in a billfold, rather than the 25k notes.


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