Hello and Welcome to Search4Dinar!!

I wanted to make this site in the hopes that we can continue to study Iraq’s progress and the possible revaluation of the DInar…

Please feel free to post any thoughts or articles!

40 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome to Search4Dinar!!

  1. Thanks guys, please be patient it is a work in progress… I’m learning to use the site..
    Of course it is a freebie, so it has its’ limitations!! LOL!!


  2. Ralph,told my husband you started a news site. He yelled, “Thank goodness … News at 11 for sure. Ralph, is on the beat.” Cracked me up. Blessings.


  3. Thanks for being so thoughtful Ralph and for putting this site together so quickly… oh wait, you started this last year didn’t you? LOL, just kidding with ya! Thanks for your dedication to the team! We all appreciate it!

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    • thanks HOF! I figure I would give it a go… Please be patiend as I weed through the site myself!
      Thanks for coming by!! I have had ove 390 visitors already & counting!!
      Thanks again!

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  4. Ralph, I snagged this comment made by Arthur… not sure how reliable he is but I’ve seen others refer to him before so he may know what he’s talking about. Anyway, it’s a pretty good and simple explanation on all the so called delays… Post if you think it worthy:

    Arthur: For the most part I have never believed in delays which I see as manufactured by people when they are wrong about the RV happening on a given date. I see things as just happening as they are supposed to according to the progress Iraq makes toward economic and political stability. But per an extensive talk with my Iraqi contact, I now believe there has been several recent delays to this overall process. The first unforeseen circumstance was grossly underestimating the deleterious impact of DAASH and the ineffectiveness of the Iraqi military as led by Maliki to deal with that situation as it unfolded over the end of the summer. Due to a combination of disdain and distrust for Maliki, and their unwillingness to put their lives on the line for what they saw as a corrupt dictatorial regime, DAASH was allowed to get disproportionately out of control and became a delaying factor as is evidenced by the unprecedented international military response to the ISIL threat to Iraq’s sovereignty.

    Another delay is what I call the Maliki factor as in how long it took to get him out of office, all the enormous corruption they have uncovered, including undoing the damage from his inept maintenance of the security file (MOD/MOI) and from all the money he stole or otherwise misappropriated in conjunction with lower global oil prices than originally expected which has engendered a budget deficit that none of their economist nor the UN and U.S. financial experts were prepared for. This has therefore delayed completion of the GOI and caused complexities to the budget that has called for several recent amendments leading to the reason we are now projected after Eid al Adha as opposed to before then as PM Abadi originally promised.

    The good side affect to these delays is that it has allowed the banking/CBI side to progress monetary reform preparation beyond what they would have otherwise accomplished which when combined with the new unified government has allowed parliamentary quorum conducive for passing all the necessary legislation that now has Iraq on the verge of a monumental moment in their history that will finally allow the PTB/AOP to give the green light to restore Iraq back into the international community with the monetary reform and restoration of the IQD in the very near future…as just tonight their TV news announced they would begin to finalize their monetary reform right after Eid al-Adha.


  5. Thanks, Ralph!! I have a place to lurk….. you’ve done an AWESOME job!!!!

    Thanks, livefree for Arthur’s commentary. He was with LJ’s group, and did seem to have good info.

    Besides…. what’s 10 more days???????



  6. Thanks for clarifying who Arthur is gijane, I do hope he’s right about this part: “restore Iraq back into the international community with the monetary reform and restoration of the IQD in the very near future…as just tonight their TV news announced they would begin to finalize their monetary reform right after Eid al-Adha” 🙂


  7. Sounds great but the Iraqis have been lied to via tv for years, It’s apparent their media is getting the same horrible information we are. But hey, we’re getting closer, right?


  8. Hello Ralph — Best of Luck to you but I don’t think you will have any worries with the support that is being witnessed here already!! I’ll be dropping by for sure to keep up with the events and maybe — just maybe Tlar will visit and share his thoughts with us on those events —


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