Head movement solution congratulates Iraqis by Eid al-Adha

Head movement solution congratulates Iraqis by Eid al-Adha

03-10-2014 06:04 PM

Solution –

Provide Dr. Jamal Karbouli head of the Movement solution and member of the leadership of the Alliance of Iraqi forces my sincere congratulations and most sincere congratulations and invitations Alkhalsat that God keep most of Iraq’s land and people and guides guardians faithful to what happy children and wipe the tear Zqlah and dignified ÔíČĺ and saves the blood of his youth .. and called Dr. Karbouli politicians Iraqis to investigate the honesty and efforts and unite the hearts for the good of Iraq and Iraqis, so as to enhance the unity and sharpens determination to ward off the threat of terrorism and the challenges of sectarian partition and fragmentation.

And pray Head movement solution on the day known to God Almighty to enjoy the Iraqis remain steadfast Mujahideen, displaced and displaced persons and refugees, detainees and Disappeared Persons, wherever they are blessings of security and stability ..omla be Eid al-Adha this year’s line initiate real to rebuild Iraq, the homeland and the rights and civilization. Every year, the Iraqis are a thousand good



4 thoughts on “Head movement solution congratulates Iraqis by Eid al-Adha

  1. Remember how the leaders were a looking, years ago, dirty unshaven, un-stable, Ive noticed, the new group is cleaned up and looks to be well educated.


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