Abadi: Results of the battle going with confidence for the benefit of the Iraqi people 75 Show October 3, 2014 22:04

(Independent) .. Prime Minister said Haider al-Abadi said the results of the battle going on with confidence for the benefit of the Iraqi people and the promise of victory apron looming large, and the rout became Daash share of all terrorist forces that dared on our land and our people and our holy places.

He said in a speech addressed today to the Iraqi people “when you made the determination to restore towns and villages cherished of Conception gangs Daash and state criminal, the world had not alerted to the size of the danger in Iraq and the region, has Sbaktm everyone in the face of this danger and you make enormous sacrifices in defense of the land and the supply and sanctuaries ”

He added: “We have decided to be a defeat Daash here on the land of Iraq,” saying that this “is not a decision personally or factional but it is a decision of the people and the army and the society wants of life, stability and safe living and brotherhood and true citizenship that do not discriminate between Iraqis and another, but the extent of belonging to Iraq .. and not only Iraq “.

He praised Abadi religious authority, headed by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani uncertain that the successive victories of the security forces “would not have been possible without the historical fatwa Ulkipaúa jihad in defense of Iraq, its people and their sanctities.”

Addressing the nations of the world “who stood with us, for the justice of our cause, but felt that the danger no longer threatens us alone,” saying, “We will continue to challenge and Snmho map phantom fake painted by terrorism to rip out the land of Mesopotamia, which was and will remain a point of coexistence between religions and nationalities and creeds,” noting that ” what is happening from terrorism, but the case of an emergency and ephemeral. ”

Ahab Abadi and political forces unite and renounce any disagreement, as Ahab intellectuals, writers and journalists to continue to support the national effort to defend the right, and to address the psychological warfare practiced by the enemy, which is the most dangerous of military confrontation ”



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